What people are saying about Mark's new CD "Invictus":

“Swashbuckler - It's one Hell of a march! Exciting character,
harmonically interesting, unorthodox meter usage, creative writing
and fun to listen to.”
- Marcellus Brown, Director Emeritus - Boise State Univ. Bands
"I keep commissioning Mark and he always delivers! It helps that he's a master of orchestration, weaving colors and textures, melodies and propulsive rhythm into vibrant new works."
- László Veres, Arizona Symphonic Winds of Tucson
"Mark's stylistic breadth is always wonderful, from 'The Swashbuckler' to a completely contrasting work like 'Paean', Mark's pieces are really engaging and enjoyable - so well crafted."
- Lt. Col. Bryan Miller, Air National Guard Band of the Midwest
"(I) enjoyed all the tunes, but 'The Swashbuckler' and 'Monkey Mind' were my favorites!"
- Dr. Earl C. Benson, Retired Band Director
and Mark's Longtime Mentor
“Performers and audiences will love his exotic vibrant colors
in 9 masterworks for winds and percussion.
What a love affair Wolfram has with band music!”
- Regina Harris Baiocchi, Composer & Author
"I'm absolutely amazed at what Mark has done...it all sounds terrific! Mark has such incredible drive and energy!! I have truly enjoyed listening to his exciting new works. WOW & BRAVO, MAESTRO!!"
- Lawrence Levack, Musician & Skier - Wallingford, Connecticut
"I am, and have been, listening to 'Invictus' and It's SPECTACULAR!!! I'm trying to imagine how much hard work went into this...I just hear great music and a lot of good playing. Kudos to you."
- Wayne Richards, Professional Musician - Saxophone Instructor & Clinician
"Mark Wolfram’s recording 'Invictus' is a full bodied modern classical creation. Flowing from one rich refrain to another you will find the music pulling on your emotions begging you to dance, march, pause and reflect...'Invictus' is 100% Wolfram."
- Bruce Greenbaugh, Music Critic
“Beautifully written...Mark’s music is interesting, colorful,
and optimistic.”
- Jack Perricone, Chair Emeritus, Songwriting
Berklee College of Music
"Five Stars: This disc is a triumph of the human spirit, something that shines through every measure."
- Colin Clarke, Fanfare Magazine
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