Maestro Jim Ogle, composer Mark Wolfram & Maestro Marcellus Brown celebrate after the premiere of Mark's new piece
for wind band, "Monkey Mind." The premiere was led by Maestro Brown with the Boise State University Symphonic Winds
on November 13, 2022 at the Morrison Center in Boise, Idaho.

Mark conducts sessions for his "Invictus" CD with The Los Angeles Studio Wind Ensemble
at Silent Zoo Studios in Glendale, CA on March 8th & 9th, 2022.

Mark with Marcellus Brown after the premiere of Mark's "Labyrinth" (for Concert Band) by Professor Brown and
the Boise State University Symphonic Winds at the Morrison Center in Boise, Idaho - April 15, 2018

Mark presented one of the inaugural "S.H.O.P. Talks" at the 71st Annual Midwest Clinic in Chicago, Illinois
on December 22, 2017. "S.H.O.P. Talks" are 20 minute presentations on specific topics meant to be "Short," "Helpful" and "On Point."
Entitled, "How and Why to Commission a New Work for Your Ensemble!" the presentation was well attended and well received.

Mark with Maestro László Veres at the premiere of "The Tucson March" in Tucson, Arizona
- written for and dedicated to Maestro Veres and the Arizona Symphonic Winds of Tucson - March 26, 2017

Dr. Tim Wolfram, Dr. Earl C. Benson & Mark at the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Thomas Jefferson High School Bands
in October 2019. Earl was Mark's band director and mentor for 6 years. Earl encouraged Mark to write for bands and gave him
every opportunity to develop both his writing and conducting talents. He's been a great friend and trusted confidant.

Dr. David Booth & Mark at the premiere of Mark's "Vertical Planes" (for Brass Quartet & Band) in Cleveland, Ohio
- written for and dedicated to Dr. Booth and the Wright State University Wind Symphony - February 2, 2017

Mark at the recording console during Wrightwood Records' "Safe Harbor" CD session on July 13, 2017.
The artists were Marilyn Harris (piano & composer), Homero Cerón (vibraphone & marimba) and
Mark Wolfram (producer, recording & mixing, synths & composer).

Dr. Rodney Dorsey & Mark after the premiere of Mark's "Residual Tension" (for Concert Band) in Eugene, Oregon
- written for and dedicated to Dr. Dorsey and the University of Oregon Wind Ensemble - May 1, 2016

Dr. Timothy Mahr & Mark at the premiere of Mark's "Fast Falls The Eventide" in Northfield, Minnesota
- written for and dedicated to Dr. Mahr and the St. Olaf Band - March 8, 2016


Mark with the Ironwood Clarinet Trio following the premiere of "Spectral Shifts" for Clarinet Trio & Band
on March 5, 2015 in Reno, NV at the 81st American Bandmasters Association conference.
Marcellus Brown led the Boise State Symphonic Winds in the performance.
(L to R: Leslie Moreau, Anne Watson, Mark Wolfram & Jana Starling)

Mark with Dr. Amy Roisum Foley after the premiere of Mark's "All Points Bulletin: In Hot Pursuit" (for Concert Band & Video)
by Dr. Roisum Foley and the Minnesota State University Concert Wind Ensemble (Mankato, Minnesota) on Tuesday, February 24th, 2015.

Marcellus Brown and Mark after the premiere of "With Malice Toward None" (for Concert Band)
- written for and dedicated to Prof. Brown and the Boise State University Symphonic Winds - April 22, 2012

Mark won the SLATE Award for "Best Score" at the 2002 California Independent Film Festival
for his original score for the Feature Short "THE INTERROGATION," a film by Hesham Issawi which also won the award
for BEST CREATIVE SHORT FILM at the 2002 New York International Independent Film & Video Festival in October.

Mark conducts "Piercing The Celluloid Veil" with members of the Hollywood Studio Symphony
at O'Henry Studios in Burbank, CA - February 2000

Mark conducts selections from his "Piercing The Celluloid Veil" CD with the Sinfonia of London - January 1999

Mark in a publicity photo from the 1990s - check out all that hair!

Mark conducts his and Marilyn's "Cinematic Moods" session at Evergreen Studios in Burbank, CA - November 1984.

While living and working in New York City writing music for advertising, Marilyn Harris & Mark rolled out
their own trade ad campaign in the Fall of 1981: "The New American Jingle Classic". They used many images
from these photo shoots for ads and publicity for years - including a large color poster.

Mark was a member of the 1974 Disneyland All-American College Marching Band. The band played throughout Disneyland 6 days a week
and in the mornings they met and studied with many of Hollywood's biggest musical icons, including Irwin Kostal, Carmen Dragon,
Willis Shaffer, Pat Williams, Buddy Baker, John Cacavas, Jim Christensen and more.

Mark and 1974 Disneyland All-American College Marching Band director Ron Logan.
What a great guy Ron was - he passed away in September 2022 - he will be missed.

In the Fall of 1973 both Mark and his older brother Tim attended Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.
In addition to both playing trombone, they were both in the Wildcat Marching Band - and were both members of the band staff.

A 17-year-old Mark works on a piece for concert band while still in high school. In addition to
writing for the concert and marching bands he also wrote for and led the hockey pep band,
Mark wrote over 200 charts for the various groups at Thomas Jefferson High School in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Composer Vaclav Nehlybel at Bemidji Summer Music Camp with Christine Wolfram, Mark Wolfram & Tim Wolfram.
The Wolfram kids never looked better together. For Mark, studying conducting with Nehlybel was the highlight of August 1969!