For Immediate Release          March 14, 2023

Ultimate Triumph: Captain of His Soul; Leader of the Band

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In response to pandemic shutdowns and cancellations, Mark Wolfram assembles and leads the Los Angeles Studio Wind Ensemble in premiering his new works.

The composer has always been a cross-pollinator, drawing inspiration from all of the arts, verbal as well as visual and aural; the title piece of his new CD came from one of his favorite poems by William Henley, "Invictus," which tells of the triumph over adversity - and was invigorated from a viewing of the classic film KING’S ROW (1942), in which Henley's poem is summarized near the end of the film. Wolfram’s 9-minute piece reflects the poem and evokes the struggles and ultimate exultant victory over hardship and injustice.

This indomitable spirit is echoed in other titles on his CD, from the flamboyant swagger of THE SWASHBUCKLER to WITH MALICE TOWARDS NONE (based on Abraham Lincoln’s 2nd Inaugural Address) to solving the puzzle that is LABYRINTH. Wolfram’s PAEAN and HOMILY reflect sober, reverent lessons, while FOUR FRIPPERIES, MONKEY MIND and THE TUCSON MARCH embody more joyful fare.

The Los Angeles Studio Wind Ensemble consists of 24 of the finest recording studio musicians who were engaged for two days to record Mark’s wind band creations. Since COVID restrictions limited the number of musicians and social distancing they would need, multi-track technology was necessary to bring the performances to fulfillment.

“Beautifully written...Mark’s music is interesting, colorful, and optimistic.”
          - Jack Perricone, Chair Emeritus, Songwriting - Berklee College of Music

“Swashbuckler - It's one Hell of a march! Exciting character, interesting harmonically, unorthodox meter usage,
     creative writing and fun to listen to.”
          - Marcellus Brown, Director of Bands - Boise State University

INVICTUS - Nine New Works for Winds & Percussion" (WRCD-2255) is distributed internationally on the web at

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