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The City of Tucson, Arizona ("the Old Pueblo") Gets Its Own March

Mark Wolfram & Maestro László Veres

The Arizona Symphonic Winds premiered Mark Wolfram's new original work for concert band entitled, "The Tucson March", at their March 26th, 2017 concert at the Catalina Foothills High School auditorium in Tucson, Arizona.

The Arizona Symphonic Winds of Tucson

"The Tucson March" is dedicated to Maestro László Veres, the Arizona Symphonic Winds and the City of Tucson, Arizona.

"The Tucson March" is a GRADE 5 concert band work which is fun, light in nature and sounds a bit "southwestern" - but mostly it's a happy toe-tapping, whistle along good time! The work has a duration of approximately 4:00.


"The Tucson March" is available from
                 Sound Studio Publications


Wright State University Premieres "Vertical Planes" at OMEA in Cleveland

Dr. David M. Booth led the Wright State University Wind Symphony in the premiere of Mark Wolfram's "Vertical Planes" on their February 2, 2017 concert at the Ohio Music Education Association annual conference in Cleveland, Ohio.

Dr. David Booth & composer Mark Wolfram

"Vertical Planes" is an original composition for brass quartet (B-flat trumpet, French horn, trombone & tuba) and large concert band. The work was commissioned by Dr. Booth and the Wright State University Wind Symphony to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the university. The university applied brass faculty (Dr. Daniel Zehringer-trumpet, Prof. Jonas Thoms-horn, Dr. Gretchen McNamara-trombone, and Dr. Thomas Lukowicz-tuba) were the featured brass quartet.

Wright State University Wind Symphony

After travelling to Dayton, Ohio to hear the Wright State University Wind Symphony performing the "pre-premiere" of the work on January 31, 2017 Mark followed the band to Cleveland for the premiere performance at OMEA.

Vertical Planes” is an opportunity for the applied brass faculty (and/or outstanding applied brass students) to be featured with a university wind symphony, community band or superior high school band. The work gives the brass quartet an opportunity to display technical prowess, small ensemble “tightness” and impeccable pitch - all housed in a vehicle which gives each member of the quartet plenty of step-out solo lines and affords the applied brass faculty an opportunity to recruit by example.

"Vertical Planes" is a GRADE 5/6 concert band composition which highlights angular melodies, colorful sonorities, heterophony, time signature changes, tertian, quartal and serial composition in an exciting blend which is both intellectually satisfying and aesthetically pleasing. The work has a duration of approximately 10:20.

"Vertical Planes" is available from                    
                     Sound Studio Publications.


"Colonial Scenes" Premiered by Arizona Symphonic Winds of Tucson

Mark Wolfram & Maestro László Veres

The Arizona Symphonic Winds premiered Mark Wolfram and Marilyn Harris' "Colonial Scenes" at their November 6th, 2016 Veteran's Day concert at the Catalina Foothills High School auditorium in Tucson, Arizona. Maestro László Veres and the band played to an enthusiastic packed house and Mark's concert band arrangement of the piece was extremely well received!

Sound Studio Publications has published "Colonial Scenes", based on musical themes originally composed for a series of radio plays entitled “Independence Now!” Highlighting life and the drama of those turbulent times, the music underscored the writings of John & Abigail Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and many other notable heroes of the American Revolution. Upon the completion of the radio project, Mark thought that some of the original themes (written in the style of the last half of the 18th century) would make a wonderful medley for concert band. This arrangement combines 7 of those themes and fills them out beyond their original sparse orchestration.

While each is distinctly their own flavor, the themes used in this work flow smoothly from one to another, dramatically evoking that tumultuous chapter in our nation’s history. From the crisp salute of fife & drums to the emotional letters born of separation and longing, the period-styled music highlights the many moods of the time, including the tension before battle and the march to war that culminated in the birth of the United States of America.

Somewhat programmatic, "Colonial Scenes" is a GRADE 4 concert band work which would fit aptly in
any national holiday program, such as Memorial Day, Presidents Day, Veterans Day or the 4th of July.
It features the themes of "The Piper's Pride", "Reading
By Candlelight", "Fox Hunt", "Minuet", "On Tenterhooks", "The March to War" and "Sons of Liberty". The work has a duration of approximately 8:45.

CS Lbl


Ironwood Trio Premieres New "Spectral Shifts" Version at ClarinetFest 2016

The Ironwood Clarinet Trio premiered a new clarinet trio with piano accompaniment version of Mark Wolfram's "Spectral Shifts" on Friday, August 5th, 2016 at the International Clarinet Association's ClarinetFest 2016 in Lawrence, Kansas.

The trio (featuring Jana Starling on E-flat clarinet, Leslie Moreau on B-flat clarinet and Anne Watson on B-flat bass clarinet) was accompanied by their regular pianist Gail Novak. The group has recently recorded the 15-minute work on their new CD - available in late Spring 2017 from Potenza Music.

A large and enthusiastic audience - as well as several of the performed composers (including Mark) - attended the 2-hour morning concert of clarinet trios and quartets at the Swarthout Recital Hall on the campus of the University of Kansas.

ClarinetFest is an annual event sponsored by the ICA, with concerts, recitals, workshops, special guest artists, exhibits of all things clarinet and participants coming from all over the world.

"Spectral Shifts" (for Clarinet Trio & Pianoforte)
is available from Sound Studio Publications.

L to R: Anne Watson, Mark Wolfram, Leslie Moreau &
Jana Starling at ClarinetFest 2016 in Lawrence, Kansas


University of Oregon Wind Ensemble Feels Residual Tension

Dr. Rodney Dorsey & Mark Wolfram


"Residual Tension" is available from                    
                     Sound Studio Publications.

Dr. Rodney Dorsey led the University of Oregon Wind Ensemble in the premiere of Mark's "Residual Tension" on their May 1, 2016 concert at the Beall Concert Hall in Eugene, Oregon.

The title of the work refers to the leftover energy once a force has been released. Tension and release surround us and permeate our lives on a daily basis. The piece demonstrates residual tension by employing several devices: dissonace resolving to consonance - heavy complex textures to simple lines - dynamic rhythmic figures to sustained chords... these are but a few of the many examples of tension and release in the score.

In addition to visiting the campus, enjoying 3 different concerts and helping with the Wind Ensemble's dress rehearsal, Mark gave his "The Professional Composer-Arranger" presentation to the Graduate Wind Band Repertoire class - as well as sharing several original band works (new and old) with them which he wrote.

Dr. Dorsey & The University of Oregon Wind Ensemble


Arizona Symphonic Winds Call Mark to Help Celebrate Their 30th Anniversary

The Arizona Symphonic Winds celebrated their 30th anniversary with a gala concert on March 20, 2016 at the Catalina Foothills High School auditorium in Tucson, Arizona. The concert featured the premiere of Mark Wolfram's "Sonoran Celebration," a piece commissioned by and dedicated to Maestro László Veres and the Arizona Symphonic Winds to celebrate the band's 30th anniversary. A large crowd enjoyed the premiere as well as a spirited performance of Mark's "March László" - also written for Maestro Veres and the band.


"Sonoran Celebration" is available from                    
                     Sound Studio Publications.

Mark Wolfram & Maestro László Veres



"Homily" Available from Sound Studio Publications

Sound Studio Publications has published Mark's original composition "Homily" for concert band. It's dedicated to his father, a former preacher, on the 100th anniversary of his birth.

A homily often means a sermon concerning a practical matter, a moralizing lecture or admonition, or an inspirational saying or platitude. In this "Homily" you can hear the calm presentation of the premise, the detailed explanation of how it applies to the listeners, a fair amount of finger wagging - some bluster and a loud, pounding fist for emphasis - and then it slowly returns to the original premise, develops a little more and ends with a not so reassuring "amen."

"Homily" is a GRADE 5 concert band composition which features independent rhythmic motion, colorful sonorities, time signature changes, tertian, quartal and serial composition in an exciting blend which is both intellectually satisfying and aesthetically pleasing. The work has a duration of approximately 6:20.

CK Lbl


Midwest Clinic Kicks Off Busy Winter 2015-2016 for Mark

The 2015 Midwest Clinic in Chicago provided a frenetic start to a busy winter season for Mark Wolfram.

Dave Booth & Mark Wolfram (back row) pose with a few of
the 25+ guests at Marcellus Brown's Midwest Clinic dinner
New band commissions for Wright State University ("Vertical Planes"), the Arizona Symphonic Winds ("Sonoran Celebration") - along with several other new works, including a clarinet trio and piano reduction of Mark's "Spectral Shifts" (for the Ironwood Clarinet Trio), "March László" (see below) and a new band work entitled, "Residual Tension" written for the University of Oregon Wind Ensemble set the table for Mark's 2016 winter tour through the midwest.

Dr. Charles Conrad and the Indiana Wind Symphony

In February 2016 Mark traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana and heard Dr. Charlie Conrad and his Indiana Wind Symphony (Carmel, IN) perform his "Spectral Shifts". Mark then traveled to Dayton, Ohio and visited Wright State University where he heard their Wind Symphony and spent time with Dr. Dave Booth. In March 2016 Mark went to Northfield, Minnesota to hear a wonderful premiere of his "Fast Falls The Eventide" with Dr. Tim Mahr and the St. Olaf Band. CLICK HERE to hear it!

St. Olaf Band

Dr. Tim Mahr & Mark at St. Olaf


"March László" Premiere Highlights Arizona Symphonic Winds 200th Concert

The Arizona Symphonic Winds premiered Mark Wolfram's "March László" at their May 16th, 2015 concert at the László Veres Amphitheatre in Udall Park in Tucson, Arizona. This was the 200th concert in the park performed by the Arizona Symphonic Winds. The march was written for and dedicated to Maestro László Veres and the band. An overflow crowd enjoyed a spirited performance of the march and many other audience favorites. Maestro Veres says he plans to perform the march at every concert this summer.

"March László" is available from                    
                     Sound Studio Publications.

Mark Wolfram & Maestro László Veres


Busy Winter 2014-2015 for Mark and Concert Bands



Mark started out the winter with a visit to the 68th Annual Midwest Clinic in Chicago. The Midwest Clinic showcases music industry trends, music education, and offers an array of clinics and exhibits for all age and experience levels. And it's the best place to schmooze with band people! It is the largest music conference of its kind in the country.

In February of 2015 Mark hit the road for Mankato, Minnesota for the premiere of his new work, "All Points Bulletin: In Hot Pursuit" (for Concert Band & Video) by Dr. Amy Roisum Foley and the Minnesota State University Concert Wind Ensemble (Mankato, Minnesota) on Tuesday, February 24th, 2015. While in Mankato Mark attended rehearsals, gave private lessons and made several presentations to the university music students and faculty.

Following the premiere in Mankato Mark was back on the road again and headed off to Boise, Idaho - this time for rehearsals (with the Ironwood Clarinet Trio, Professor Marcellus Brown and the Boise State University Symphonic Winds) of his new piece for clarinet trio & concert band entitled, "Spectral Shifts." After a few days of rehearsal in Boise, Mark and the group traveled to Reno, Nevada for the premiere of "Spectral Shifts" at the 81st Annual American Bandmasters Association convention on Thursday, March 5th, 2015 at 7:30pm in the Summit Pavilion Ballroom of the Grand Sierra Resort.

Add to that 3 new pieces which Mark is completing, and it was a busy winter!


Arizona Symphonic Winds Premieres "Soldiers of Destiny" - After 42 Years!

The Arizona Symphonic Winds of Tucson, AZ premiered Mark Wolfram's "Soldiers of Destiny" at their November 9, 2014 Veterans Day Concert. Under the direction of Maestro László Veres, the group preceded the premiere with a heartfelt rendition of Mark's "With Malice Toward None (A Hymn for Band)".

"Soldiers of Destiny" was composed in October and November of 1972 to fulfill an assignment on Manifest Destiny and War for Mark's high school Humanities class. Heavy stuff for a 17-year-old kid. He turned in the assignment - and after the teacher checked with his band director as to its content and construction, Mark received an "A". He put the score in a drawer and vowed to copy the parts and get it played soon. 39 years later he came across the score in a box of old music - and he decided to typeset it and see if it would still fly after all this time.

The Arizona Symphonic Winds' performance of "Soldiers of Destiny" is a very long-awaited world premiere - 42 years long! Maestro Veres, the band and the audience were all thrilled with the piece. As one concert-goer remarked, "I would have given him an A+!"

"Soldiers of Destiny" is available from Sound Studio Publications.

Mark Wolfram & Maestro László Veres


"American Journeys" Available at Wrightwood Records

Mark celebrated Thanksgiving week 2014 by finishing Wrightwood Records' latest CD release entitled, "American Journeys" - a relaxing collection of soothing music featuring over 60 minutes of acoustic piano by composer Marilyn Harris and acoustic guitar & pedal steel guitar by composer Sandy Carter. The music evokes the grandeur and sweeping vistas of the United States while retaining a quiet intimacy.

Mark produced, recorded, mixed, sweetened with synths and mastered the project at Harris/Wolfram Studios. He also created the artwork and graphic look for the project.

The CD is perfect for relaxing and/or meditating and makes a perfect gift at the holidays or any time of year. Musical samples can be heard and orders can be placed on the Wrightwood Records website. Shipping within 24 hours. Check it out by clicking on the CD cover to the left!


Indiana Wind Symphony Premieres "The Swashbuckler"

On February 22, 2014 the Indiana Wind Symphony - under the direction of music director Dr. Charles P. Conrad - premiered Mark Wolfram's original composition for band, "The Swashbuckler" (A Concert March). A rousing work with much more depth than a traditional march, "The Swashbuckler" gives every section of the band an opportunity to metaphorically swing from a yardarm, duel with a sword, find a lost treasure and (of course) save a fair damsel. From its robust theme in the brass section to its sweeping woodwind passages, "The Swashbuckler" offers fanfare-inspired passages which are contrasted with faux-fugal sections, complex and angular harmonic interludes, all puntucated with exciting percussion and unexpected timbral and tonal episodes.

Dr. Conrad and Mr. Wolfram met in 1974 while both were members of the Disneyland All-American College Band. "The Swashbuckler" is available from Sound Studio Publications where you can hear an MP3 of the work as played by the IWS.

Swashbuckler Lbl

Indiana Wind Symphony 2013-2014, Charles P. Conrad - Music Director


Ibert's "Divertissement" Available for the 1st Time for Band

Ibert Lbl

Sound Studio Publications has published a never-before available transcription for band (by Mark Wolfram) of French composer Jacques Ibert's chamber orchestra classic, "Divertissement."

"Divertissement" was composed in 1929 as incidental music for a stage presentation of Ernst Labiche's "The Italian Straw Hat," a comical romp about a nervous bridegroom, his hungry horse (who eats part of the straw hat) and a philandering wife - whose honor the bridegroom attempts to protect with misdirection and disguises - in a series of screwball vignettes. The music, peppered throughout the play, relates to the various people with whom the woman's straw hat comes in contact.

"Divertissement" is a GRADE 6 concert band transcription which highlights jaunty melodies, colorful sonorities, tongue-in-cheek quotes, time signature changes and raucous ensemble passages designed to bring down the house. The work is composed in 6 short movements and has a duration of approximately 15:00. This is a limited edition - order your copy today!


Ticonderoga - The Big "T" March Available for Band

Ibert Lbl

Sound Studio Publications has published a concert march written in 1944 by Eddie Fritz, Jr. - Mus. 2C - USNR while stationed aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Ticonderoga. Mr. Fritz approached Mark Wolfram in 1974 to create a new arrangement of the work for concert band & male chorus. This arrangement is now finally available to you! "Ticonderoga" is one of the few original songs ever written for a specific Navy ship.

Mr. Fritz wrote both the words and the music and dedicated the song to the ship's commander, Captain Dixie Kiefer, USN.

"Ticonderoga - The Big 'T' " is a GRADE 3½-4 band arrangement and highlights male chorus (T - T - B) as well as antiphonal trumpet parts, patriotic lyrics, a sweeping martial melody and unexpected harmonic twists. It would be a rousing addition to any concert - especially Veteran's Day and Memorial Day celebrations. The duration is approximately 2:00.


Oh, Captain - My Captain! (Kangaroo that is)

Sound Studio Publications has published Mark's 3-minute original band arrangement for the theme to The Captain Kangaroo TV show. Entitled, "Captain Kangaroo" (Puffin' Billy) the original orchestral work was written in 1952 by Edward White, a British version of Leroy Anderson.

The long-running show was filled with memorable characters such as The Captain (Bob Keeshan), Bunny Rabbit, Mr. Moose, Grandfather Clock, Dancing Bear and Mr. Green Jeans. The theme music set the tone for the fun and hijinks that ensued every day as kids of all ages heard the Captain jingling his keys to "The Treasure House" at the start of every show.

This delightful concert band arrangement would make a wonderful concert opener - or a terrific encore! Audiences should be encouraged to pull out their own "keys to the treasure house" and jingle along. They'll "feel like a kid again". This is a limited edition - get your copy now!

CK Lbl


Spectral Shifts Video Availlable on YouTube

CK Lbl

Mark Wolfram's "Spectral Shifts for Clarinet Trio & Concert Band" was written for the Ironwood Clarinet Trio, Professor Marcellus Brown and the Boise State University Symphonic Winds. The work premiered at the 81st Annual American Bandmasters Association convention in Reno, Nevada on Thursday, March 5th, 2015 at 7:30pm in the Summit Pavilion Ballroom of the Grand Sierra Resort.

"Spectral Shifts" is an original composition in 4 movements for clarinet trio (E-flat soprano clarinet, B-flat clarinet and B-flat bass clarinet) and concert band. The first 3 movements feature each of the clarinets in a solo setting with band, culminating with the 4th movement where the full clarinet trio is accompanied by the band.

The title of the work refers to the astral phenomenon of spectral shift - blue shift (objects moving closer to us), red shift (objects moving away from us) and doppler shift (objects moving past us - similar to red shift) as well as other astral and solar phenomena. The composition seamlessly moves between serial and traditional tertian and quartal harmonic structures, providing performers and listeners with refreshing aural "shifts" in both timbre and tonality.

To see promotional videos of all 4 movements ("On A Solar Wind", "Through A Nebula", "Comet Tails" & "Finale") CLICK HERE.


Tag - You're It!

Sound Studio Publications has made available Mark's 3-minute musical delight entitled, "Tag - You're It!" Graded at 3½-4, the original composition for band challenges musicians with scale passages, dynamic contrasts, subtle and satisfying harmonic and rhythmic shadings, ensemble balance as well as independent line movement, and a give-and-take scenario just like the child’s game “Tag!" The duration is approximately 3:00.


Boise Symphonic Winds Premieres "With Malice Toward None"

Professor Marcellus Brown
& Mark Wolfram


Boise Symphonic Winds
in rehearsal.

Mark Wolfram's new original band work, “With Malice Toward None,” was premiered by Professor Marcellus Brown and the Boise Symphonic Winds on Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 at the Morrison Center for the Performing Arts on the Boise State University campus.

A mutual friend introduced Mark to Professor Marcellus Brown at the Midwest International Band & Orchestra Clinic in Chicago in December of 2011. After speaking with Prof. Brown for only 20 minutes it was obvious that they had a lot in common: a similar educational background in the Midwest, their love of wind bands and their passion for interesting new music. A few weeks later Mark began composing a new band work for Professor Brown and the Boise Symphonic Winds.

Mark describes “With Malice Toward None” as follows: “This composition was inspired by the last paragraph of President Abraham Lincoln's 2nd Inaugural Address on March 4th, 1865 in which he said:

"With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations."
These powerful words are as apropos today as they were in 1865. This passage has great resonance in that it encapsulates basic moral responsibilities which so many of us have been taught: forgiveness, generosity of spirit, and trust in a higher power. Sadly, President Lincoln would be felled by an assassin's bullet little more than a month after delivering these moving and powerful words.

I used the cadence and spirit of Mr. Lincoln's text to compose a hymn-like melody. From that hymn I wrote an extended work which mirrored the turbulent days in which this Inaugural Address was given - sometimes dark and brooding, sometimes warm and hopeful - and always with an undercurrent of change and uncertainty.”

In addition to the premiere, Mark also met with and tutored several of Professor Wallis Bratt's composition students and gave his "The Professional Composer/Arranger" multi-media presentation to their class.


Mark Pens Transcriptions for the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic

Mark got a phone call from Emmy Award-winning composer, jazz trumpeter and Chicago Jazz Philharmonic artistic director and conductor Orbert Davis to help him with transcriptions of Ella Fitzgerald classics for the group's March 30th, 2012 tribute concert "Through Ella's Eyes - A 95th Birthday Celebration". Mark transcribed 4 titles for the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic, including a full orchestral version of "I Loves You Porgy", a lush string arrangement of "I've Got A Crush On You" and jazz ensemble versions of "Slap That Bass" and "Just You, Just Me". The concert featured Chicago vocalists Dee Alexander, Bobbi Wilsyn, Jackie Allen and Joan Collaso and was hosted by Chicago radio personality Merri Dee.

In the April 1, 2012 edition of The Chicago Tribune, arts critic Howard Reich wrote, "...Davis' splendid orchestra never sounded better, nor more beautifully balanced. It captured — and expanded upon — the sometimes lush, sometimes glittering instrumental colors of the "Songbook" albums Fitzgerald famously recorded in the 1950s and '60s, no small feat."  A sell-out crowd at The Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University enjoyed the evening.

For more information about the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic - CLICK HERE.


Wolfram's "Rhapsody" for Solo Violoncello Premieres in NYC & St. Paul, MN

Mark Wolfram's "Rhapsody (for Solo Violoncello)" was given its world premiere performance on Thursday, February 16, 2012 at a house concert at the New York City home of Dick Leonard by 'cellist Paul Wolfram. Although Mark was unable to attend the concert, he forwarded detailed program notes about the creation and construction of the work - which was written for Paul Wolfram (Mark's nephew) as a graduation gift from Lawrence College in Appleton,Wisconsin. The house was packed with many supportive listeners, including New York City 'cellist Jesse Levy who gave invaluable assistance to Mark on 'cello technique as he wrote the work.

Paul gave an inspired performance at the Minnesota premiere of the work on Saturday, December 21, 2013 at The Baroque Room in St. Paul, Minnesota. Pictured above is Paul performing the "Rhapsody" - you can see and hear the performance by going to the following link: Minn Premiere of Rhapsody for Solo Violoncello. Bravo, Paul!

"Rhapsody (for Solo Violoncello)" is based on the concept of a contemporary approach to a Bach 'cello suite. This challenging work features many tradionally idiomatic 'cello techniques applied to a contemporary serial composition and is available only online at Sound Studio Publications.


Crown City Brass Quintet Premieres "Labyrinth"

Mark Wolfram's "Labyrinth" (for Brass Quintet) was given its premiere performance on Friday, January 20, 2012 at St. Mark's-in-the-Valley Episcopal Church in Los Olivos, California by the Crown City Brass Quintet of Los Angeles. Mark was on hand to give a brief introduction to the work. As it happens, the church actually has its own labyrinth behind the chapel. Many thanks to the Crown City Brass Quintet, all the volunteers at St. Mark's - and especially to Music Series Director Rose Purcell Knoles.

Pictured (fr. left to right) are: Sarah Bach (French Horn), Andy Malloy (Trombone), Mark Wolfram (composer),
John Rojak (Bass Trombone), Mary Fenton Frear (Trumpet) and Robert Frear (Trumpet).

"Labyrinth" (for Brass Quintet) is available only online at Sound Studio Publications.


Tucson Concert Band Premieres "Tirolean Trek"

An outdoor concert on Mother's Day at the Desert Life Care Center in Tucson, Arizona was the site for the premiere of Mark Wolfram's new original concert band work, “Tirolean Trek.”

Maestra Lorelei Conrad led the Tucson Concert Band through an afternoon of marches, light classics and novelty pieces, including Mark's arrangement of "Ragtime Cowboy Joe" in which the band sings!

"Tirolean Trek" is a tone poem based on Mark's recollections of an afternoon in 1989 in the Bavarian Alps just South of Munich, Germany. The work is in the framework of a European-style march, and is available only online at Sound Studio Publications.

Maestra Lorelei Conrad & Mark Wolfram


Mr. SUDz Sings for National Hand Washing Week

In March of 2011 Mark got a phone call from his brother, Dr. Timothy J. Wolfram (a psychologist for the V.A. Hospital) to record Tim's original jingle for the V.A.'s current internal hand-washing campaign. Tim is a former advertising music composer and arranger - and had the good sense to call on Mark to make his composition "sing". And that's just what Mark did, as he both arranged and produced the music track and provided the voice of the campaign's title character, "Mr. SUDz".

The week of December 5th, 2011 was National Hand Washing Week (go figure?!?) and the V.A. made sure that all of their doctors and staff were presented with Mr. SUDz soap dispenser placards, Mr. SUDz pens (really cool!) - and they were all treated to a performance of the new "Mr. SUDz Song". This is starting to sound like its own little soap opera, eh? The Mr. SUDz character was created by Kerri Schwegel.

Here's a link to hear Mr. SUDz in action: Mr. SUDz Song

And remember, Mr. SUDz says, "Wash Your Hands!"


72 Days CD Single Cover"72 Days (The Kim Kardashian Blues)" Wows 'Em

Mark just finished work on Marilyn Harris' latest Wrightwood Records project, a CD Single entitled, "72 Days (The Kim Kardashian Blues)" and a video of the same name. Marilyn gives a knockout performance of her witty and biting original song - based on celebrities and their foibles. Digital download of the song is available at the Wrightwood Records website,, iTunes and

Mark produced, arranged and mixed the CD and conceived, directed and edited the video.


Orphans CD CoverORPHANS - Songs Looking For A Good Home

Mark recently finished work on Marilyn Harris' latest Wrightwood Records CD project: ORPHANS - a fabulous collection of 17 great original songs of many genres that's sure to please both fans of Marilyn and first-time listeners alike.

Each song has its own story to tell, all detailed in the liner notes - written by Marilyn. The CD (which was arranged, produced, recorded and mixed by Mark) features vocal duets with Mark Winkler and Phillip Ingram, and instrumental solos by Dan Higgins, Steve Carnelli, P.J. Hanke and Kelland Thomas. Marilyn has released two very entertaining videos, one with her pal Mark Winkler entitled, "Countries In Love", and another entitled, "New York, New Haven & Hartford" (both of which were conceived, directed and edited by Mark Wolfram) - you can see them on Marilyn's Videos page.

There are short sound samples for every ORPHANS track on the Wrightwood Records site - as well as ordering links for both CDs and Downloads. This is a terrific project with an amazing collection of songs and talented artists - check it out and get your copy today! Invite an Orphan into YOUR home!!


Sound Studio Publications Gets Busy!

Since 1983 Sound Studio Publications has been offering original writings and new music by founders Mark Wolfram and Marilyn Harris. Selections include instrumental solos and ensembles - as well as vocals with big band from Marilyn's highly successful 2006 CD "Round Trip".

There's always something new being added to the catalog. Each work has Score Page Samples and MP3 Examples - so check out all the listings at Sound Studio Publications - including Mark's latest original instrumental works: "Labyrinth for Brass Quintet" and "An American Rhapsody for Band".


Real Orchestral Music for Silk Soy Milk

Leo Burnett, U.S.A. called on Steve Ford of Steve Ford Music to create a new musical identity for their Silk Soy Milk product line - and Steve called on Mark to arrange and orchestrate 5 different spots for 4 products in the Silk line. Mark realized Steve's vision of "Beethoven meets National Treasure" with an all-live 35-piece orchestra. The campaign (entitled "Strength in Every Pour") features high-end digital animation for Silk Chocolate, Vanilla, Original and Pure Almond flavors and has been airing nationally since January 2010. You can see a couple of the spots on at these links:
                                                       Silk Spot #1
          Silk Spot #2



Mark "Believes" in The Cubs

Mark helped old friend Steve Ford of Steve Ford Music arranging and orchestrating two long scoring cues for the John Scheinfeld documentary film, "We Believe" - all about the Chicago Cubs baseball team, their fans and their home: Wrigley Field.  The film, narrated by actor Gary Sinise, uses celebrity interviews by Bob Costas, Dennis Franz, Hugh Hefner, Bonnie Hunt, George Will, Joe Mantegna and many more to help tell the story of being a Cub fan...the many triumphs and disappointments.  The film had public screenings at the world-famous Chicago Theatre and will go on to festivals and (hopefully) some cable-TV play.


Linda Purl Cruisin' with New Charts

Multi-talented star of stage, screen and television Linda Purl called on Mark to write horn charts for her October 2007 appearance as a featured entertainer on New Brunswick Crystal Cruises.


Harris & L. A. Jazz All-Stars Blowin' the Roof Off

An All-Star Big Band of top Los Angeles studio musicians assembled on December 19, 2005 and February 12, 2006 at Entourage Recording in North Hollywood, CA for 2 Big Band sessions on Marilyn Harris' new Wrightwood Records CD "Round Trip".  Mark wrote all the big band arrangements of 10 original Marilyn Harris tunes (and two covers) and produced them as well.    

The CD is available NOW at the Wrightwood Records website.

If you'd like to see a gallery of session pictures CLICK HERE


Isaak Seeks Strings for SoundStage

Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Chris Isaak was backed by a string quartet in his recent SoundStage special for WTTW/Chicago & PBS. Mark wrote string quartet arrangements of Christmas tunes via SoundStage music director Arnie Roth of AWR Music.



Mark helped old friend Arnie Roth finish a last minute arrangement and orchestration for THE IRISH TENORS and a 60-piece orchestra. The music was recorded in Prague and was recently released.


THE FUTURE IS NOW!  -  "Future Street" CD

Mark recently finished working on Marilyn Harris' breakout jazz CD for Wrightwood Records entitled, "Future Street". The disk features 12 great songs (11 originals by Marilyn and her co-writers) - all with attitude - and has instrumental solos by Wayne Bergeron, Pete Christlieb, Dan Higgins, Bob Leatherbarrow, Bill Liston, Warren Luening, Andy Martin, a special vocal duet with the great Mark Winkler, and liner notes by jazz songwriting legend Bob Dorough. The CD was produced, recorded, mixed, co-arranged and mastered by Mark. To see session pictures, hear samples of the music, etc. click on the "Future Street" Cover Art.


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